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Merideth & Adam Kinney

Twine & Tumbleweeds is a business I have wanted to start for a very long time.  So long that I can’t think back that far. I remember spending time in the garage with my mom cutting wood, building and painting. In fact, most of saws and building materials in our garage were gifts from my father. Our basement had a dedicated craft area for anything she could imagine. In school I took to art naturally and attended college as an Art Major, then a Graphic Designer. While graphic design and web development were challenging, they weren’t fulfilling my passion.

In 2018, after a year of building and refinishing furniture, we launched Twine & Tumbleweeds.  With full time jobs in IT and three boys that are quickly outgrowing the nest, we work hard to find time to build, create and refinish. My husband Adam, aka HandyHubs, is the builder. I dream it up and he whips it together. I scavenge vintage and antique pieces to revive, and complete all finishing work on new builds. In addition to work and building, we continue to DIY our older bi-level home. I am a big fan of all things farmhouse, chippy and ship lapped!!

We use our blog primarily to document the DIY projects of our home, the resources we use,  and our design ideas. Hopefully you find something of interest and we bring you a little inspiration along the way! You can also order custom furniture from our SHOP or buy recently refinished pieces for your home.

HH and I feel truly blessed to grow in this life together and hope that you enjoy reading about our adventures here and hopefully buying some creations as well. Join us as we share our great and not-so-great moments in DIY world!!

Thanks for visiting us!

Merideth & Adam


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